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Collaborating with Directors &Crew

Does your movie have a fight in it? This could be anything that involves any degree of physical contact or risk to the performers or crew; from a few punches in a bar fight to an incredible show-stopping brawl.


If the answer is “yes,” then you need a fight coordinator.

Filming a Scene

Working on set to achieve
great quality fight scenes for  Directors & Producers.

Every moment in a fight, every punch thrown, and every kick blocked, tells us something about the characters and their journey. Is the fight confident or desperate? Fast or slow? How violent?


A fight coordinator is an expert who specializes in designing, planning, and executing fight sequences for film and TV productions. Unlike a stunt coordinator, who handles all types of action scenes, a fight coordinator focuses exclusively on fights.


Fight coordinators work closely with the director and actors to determine the specific moves, tone, and pacing of each fight sequence, and ensure that it fits into the overall story. In addition, fight coordinators are responsible for the safety of the performers involved in the fights.

Once your fight coordinator is hired and discusses the script with the director, they’ll break the script down and go over their needs with the producer. These needs may include weapons, costuming, makeup, camera equipment, and safety gear.


This is where communication with other department heads becomes essential.


For instance, certain martial arts require a greater degree of movement than James Bond’s perfectly tailored suits may allow for. If that’s the case, the costume department will have to create suits tailored for specific sequences. This could be a looser crotch for high kicks or more room in the shoulders to make it easier to throw punches without ripping the stitching.


Fight coordinators often find themselves collaborating with the art department, too. Every time something breaks during a fight - a bottle, a table, a window - that’s a special breakaway prop that needs to be provided.


As with any shoot, you don’t want to be calculating those costs on the day. You want your fight coordinator to be thinking through and planning these elements with the entire production weeks in advance and to save costs.


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