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Tyson Fury and Stunt fight coordinator Kru Lundy
Kru & World Champion Boxer Tyson Fury
Kru with his wife Kirsty and Jean Claude Van Damme after performing for his evening with celebrities
stunt man
Kru with his wife Kirsty & daughter Poppy with Hollywood star Michael Jai White back stage before performing Stage Combat
Kru with TV Celebrity Amanda Holden after his interview with her for Sky TV
Kru and his wife Kirsty with Former World Boxing Champion Nigel Benn 
Kru receiving his Hall Of Fame Award with his family and the Martial Arts legend Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace
Kru receiving his instructor level from Grand Master Sken Kru is now a 4th Khan
Kru with his wife and MMA Fighter Alex Reid after Kru and Alex awarded on stage the outstanding martial artists of the UK.
Kru receiving an award from BBC Producer & Presenter of 'Mind, Body and Kick ass moves' Chris Crudelli
Kru in action on set filming with great actor Anthony Quinlan of Emmerdale/Hollyoaks.
Kru teaching a seminar to martial artists booked by great Karate Instructor & Actor Luke Hall.
Kru with his wife Kirsty in London after receiving his International Hall Of Fame Award for his contribution to Martial Arts and Stage Combat.
Kru on set of ITV's The Bay working with great actor Andrew Dowbiggin.
Kru and his wife backstage in Manchester to perform on stage for Jean Claude Van Damme with an audience of celebrities, pictured with the events host radio & TV presenter Jenni Falconer.
Kru on set filming in Tel Aviv, Isreal as a prison gang leader.
Kru and his stage combat team working with the Redcon 1 Stunt coordinator and his team collaborating to produce all fight scenes for the epic martial arts zombie action feature film.
Kru on stage with his daughter Poppy about to commence a  displaying of Muay Boran/Muay Thai and Krabi Krabong at the Doncaster dome UK Martial Arts show.

Kru Onset as Stunt Coordinator working with great Director/Writer of his feature film  REPUTATION Martin Law.

Fight Coordinator
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